[Buildroot] No rule to make target /buildroot-avr32-v2.2.0/toolchain_build_avr32/gcc-4.2.2-final/.libs_installed

Matuschka, Sebastian Sebastian.Matuschka at gcd-solutions.de
Thu Oct 2 09:33:44 UTC 2008

> Aha, you have enabled sysroot in GCC, I have not tested that. Could
> try the attached patch?

Yes, i have enabled sysroot. I think it's maybe neccessary because I
have three Buildroot's which I sometimes let run make at the same time.
And I just want to be sure they use the correct path.

> If it does not work, there is something wrong ongoing in
> toolchain/gcc/gcc-uclibc-4.x.mk
> > I've used make clean, make distclean, deleted toolchain_build_avr32
> > completely, played with make menuconfig, but I get this error every
> > time I run make.
> >
> > I guess that the point where this error occurs is in
> > toolchain/gcc/gcc-uclibc-4.x.mk (Line 390):
> > cross_compiler:=$(STAGING_DIR)/usr/bin/$(REAL_GNU_TARGET_NAME)-gcc
> > cross_compiler gcc: uclibc-configured binutils gcc_initial \
> > 	$(LIBFLOAT_TARGET) uclibc \
> > 	$(GCC_BUILD_DIR2)/.installed
> > $(GCC_BUILD_DIR2)/.libs_installed \ $(GCC_TARGETS)
> >
> > But I don't know what to correct now.
> >
> Let me know if the patch works for you.

The patch worked fine for me, the complete buildroot make finished
without failure.
A great Thank you for this patch and also the avahi patch yesterday (it
came just right, as I was running into this error and couldn't find a
solution since one hour or so)


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