[Buildroot] Backdoors?

Anders Blomdell anders.blomdell at control.lth.se
Tue Oct 21 10:09:32 UTC 2008

Peter Korsgaard wrote:
>>>>>> "Anders" == Anders Blomdell <anders.blomdell at control.lth.se> writes:
> Hi,
>  Anders> Nowhere in the documentation, I can find the passwords for:
>  Anders> target/device/Atmel/atngw100/target_skeleton/etc/shadow:avr32:$1$TVWxUVs7$/ze18sFeD6F26w0hgyB6M.:13200:0:99999:7:::
>  Anders> are they there only to provide a backdoor into generated systems? :-)
> I guess so. Atmel people?
I would suggest removing them (or I could provide you with the passwords for at
least 3 of them (valka and avr32 took less than a second to find, atmel/root
about an hour, john-the-ripper still working on the valka/root))


Anders Blomdell

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