[Buildroot] [DOCUMENTATION] newbie user feedback

Roberto A. Foglietta roberto.foglietta at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 10:28:38 UTC 2008

Hi to all,

 I never used buildroot before 5 days ago but it seems to me that once
a package has been activated in menuconfig a way to remove it from
rootfs is saving .configs, make distclean; make (i.e.: I compiled Xorg
modular and then I move on tinyx but tinyx keyboard was not working
because some incompatible craps remained on the rootfs).

 I know that would be not an easy solution because changing root
should destroy user's personalization (1). However user's rootfs
personalization could live in a different place and merged with
buildroot rootfs. Skilled users could bypass this creating their own
target's rootfs (2). Instead of "make distclean" they could be change
the project name. So it is probably a just newbie issue but

 1) says user's rootfs customization could go into
project_build_$ARCH/root (where in real is
 2) says user's rootfs customization could go into
target/generic/target_skeleton but the full hierarchy is not here
present and there are some limitations
 3) DOES NOT SAY: some changes in buildroot config needs to properly
clean build_$ARCH and root to be correctly applied (probably it would
be said in Backgroud section).
 4) DOES NOT SAY: what is the best way to live with this limitation
(probably it would be said in Backgroud section)..

 Everything from a newbie users point of view, as subject reported, so
it is possible that my critic could be completely wrong.

 However I hope this helps,

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