[Buildroot] [RFC] Avoid make distclean to remove packages fromrootfs

John Schimandle john_schimandle at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 22 12:20:52 UTC 2008

I perform the following steps to rebuild the rootfs. It's fast and easy.

rm project_build_ARCH/PROJECT/.root
rm -rf project_build_ARCH/PROJECT/root

Once these steps are done then the next make will copy in a clean skeleton
template and all the other Makefiles will notice the install targets are
missing and they will install all the targets. This is the cleanest and
fastest method I have found because this only copies files.

Maybe this should be added to the top level Makefile.


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2008/10/21 Roberto A. Foglietta <roberto.foglietta at gmail.com>:
> 2008/10/21 Roberto A. Foglietta <roberto.foglietta at gmail.com>:
>> Hi to all,
>>  I never used buildroot before 5 days ago but it seems to me that 
>> once a package has been activated in menuconfig a way to remove it 
>> from rootfs is saving .configs, make distclean; make (i.e.: I 
>> compiled Xorg modular and then I move on tinyx but tinyx keyboard was 
>> not working because some incompatible craps remained on the rootfs).


>  A solution could be:
>  1) make checks for previous .config and un-install all removed 
> packages (*)
>  2) make saves the current .config into 
> project_build_$ARCH/$project_name/previous.config
>  3) people who lose some rootfs customization do it because they 
> choose to remove packages (their fault)
>  (*) supposing all packages have a make uninstall which correctly work 
> otherwise N patches would be delivered to achieve this result.

 A proof of concept of the proposed general solution is attached as solution
for bug report n.5564


 as you can see checkconfig.sh could be expanded to work on .config changes
and acts accordingly

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