[Buildroot] Patch review

Nick Peirson nick at netcentral.co.uk
Fri Oct 31 10:57:15 UTC 2008

Bernhard Reutner-Fischer wrote:
> I did not need any patches to syslinux itself but had to add nasm
> support for both the host and the target?

I added nasm on the host, but didn't make any changes to the target. The 
error I was getting was due to syslinux makefile specifying "-Wall 
-Werror" and printf throwing a warning when called without a format string.

> Did you send the non-makefile patch upstream? If you didn't already then
> please do now..

I wasn't sure if the bug was related to buildroot/uclibc, which I 
mentioned in the bug notes, but I'll send it upstream and see what's 
made of it.


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