[Buildroot] User defined packages?

Lloyd Sargent lloyd at cannasoftware.com
Wed Apr 1 00:23:17 UTC 2009

On Mar 31, 2009, at 7:11 PM, Markus Heidelberg wrote:

> Hi, please keep the list in the reply.
> So quoting the whole mail.
> Lloyd Sargent, 31.03.2009:
>> On Tuesday 31 March 2009 14:08:58 Markus Heidelberg wrote:
>>> Lloyd Sargent, 31.03.2009:
>>>> As a noob on this list, if there isn't already a way to add user
>>>> defined packages, could I suggest the following?
>>>> In package/Config.in add the following line:
>>>> source "user_package/Config.in"
>>>> In a new directory named "user_package" have a file called  
>>>> Config.in
>>>> with the following:
>>>> menu "User Packages"
>>>> source "package/YourUserDefinedPackage/Config.in"
>>> I guess you meant user_package/ here and not package/
>> Oops! Yeah, that's what I means :)
>>>> endmenu
>>>> The advantage to this is that it allows users to add to their  
>>>> list of
>>>> packages without affecting (or in anyway touching) the files within
>>>> the "package" directory. And it gives noobs such as myself a  
>>>> feeling
>>>> of security that they aren't messing up something important.
>>> For a real feeling of security you should use a VCS.
>> Actually, I use Subversion, but there you go... :)
>>> I personally don't like the idea of a separate package directory.
>>> Putting them into package/ only touches package/Config.in. You can  
>>> add a
>>> new 'menu "My Packages"' at the end of the file or wherever if you  
>>> like,
>>> this doesn't affect the official files much.
>> I was looking at it going forward. We have a need to update our  
>> packages from
>> time to time. It seems to me easier to copy a directory than go in  
>> and edit a
>> file over and over.
> I did the same: updating to newer releases. But when working in a VCS
> (git for me), it should not be necessary to bother with copying  
> files or
> directories around at all. Rebasing onto the next release or merging  
> the
> changes in should do it.

Ah, good point.



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