[Buildroot] DBUS keeps getting installed...

Lloyd Sargent lsargent at txdigital.com
Wed Apr 8 18:59:34 UTC 2009

> >>>>> "Lloyd" == Lloyd Sargent <lsargent at txdigital.com> writes:
> Hi,
>  Lloyd> Okay, I'm really puzzled. In my initial build I had
>  Lloyd> DBUS. Well, it was taking too many resources so I removed it.
>  Lloyd> Or so I thought.
>  Lloyd> In my next build, there was DBUS again!
>  Lloyd> So I checked the .config file:
>  Lloyd> # BR2_PACKAGE_DBUS is not set
>  Lloyd> Perhaps I misread something, but I was under the impression
>  Lloyd> that if DBUS was not set, then it wouldn't be included in the
>  Lloyd> build?
> That's true. Do you do a clean rebuild (rm -rf *build_*) or just edit
> the configuration and run make again? Packages don't automatically get
> removed from the target file system if you deselect them again.

AH! This I was not aware of (or did not properly understand).

This is most likely the issue.

> The other option is some other package needing dbus, and hence forcing
> it to be built, but then it should normally also depend / select it in
> Kconfig, so you should see it in your .config

No, nothing I'm building requires dbus.

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