[Buildroot] MythTV PVR Building

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Fri Apr 24 23:54:57 UTC 2009

you can download this from 

Am 25.04.2009 00:36, schrieb Stephan Raue:
> Am 25.04.2009 00:15, schrieb Luciano Greiner:
>> Hello!
>>    I am trying to make some MythTV PVR buid scripts to work with
>> Buildroot. Please contact me, if anyone is interested to help and or
>> have some experience in MythTV cross compile.
>> Thanks
> i have do this for more then 1 year with buildroot and later geexbox
> when you intrested i can send patches (i think outdated, but helpfull)
> Stephan
here are the patches and package buildscripts (based on geexbox). i have 
build mythtv for over 1 year with directfb/qt/embedded support. the 
frontend has started. many things are untested/ does not work. i 
switched to elisa mediacenter. eventually i switch back later on mythtv 
(with xorg/opengl), because elisa is not complete enough for me.


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