[Buildroot] contributions to buildroot...

Robert Urban urban at unix-beratung.de
Sun Apr 26 14:14:09 UTC 2009

Hi Folks,

a while ago (15th of March) I submitted a new package, "ndyndns-1.14" via
the mailing list.  It doesn't seem to have made it into the repository.

I don't personally care whether it ever makes it into the repo. I've can
always add it to the stuff I check out.  I do however wonder why it didn't
make it in.  I understand that you guys probably have more on your lists
than you can ever hope to accomplish.  I appreciate your effort very much.
I would be helpful to me to know whether my submission was rejected, and
why, or whether it's simply fallen by the wayside, which, as I said, is also
ok.  I submitted it because somewhere you guys have an exhortation to make
packages available to others...


Rob Urban

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