[Buildroot] Broken u-boot 2009.x, undeprecate u-boot 2008.10

Hans-Christian Egtvedt hans-christian.egtvedt at atmel.com
Thu Apr 30 05:31:04 UTC 2009

On Wed, 29 Apr 2009 20:55:57 -0300
Thiago A. Corrêa <thiago.correa at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
>    The 2009.03 and possibly 2009.01 u-boot releases have a problem
> with JFFS2. Looks like it's not really platform specific, but it
> affects the AVR32 boards [1].
>    Not sure if it's connected, but also flinfo presents wrong
> addresses.
>    I'm seeing this with 2009.03, but the message[1] talks about
> 2009.01 Is anyone else having these problems? I've just flashed
> 2008.10 and it works properly.

Last working version for AVR32 is 2008.10 :/ The 2009.01 release had
another issue, which Håvard just spotted before release, too late to do
the fix. 2009.03 is broken regarding JFFS2, at least for AVR32.

>    Should we deal with 2009.03 and 2009.01 in any special way? (Drop
> them, comment as broken JFFS2?)

At least make 2008.10 available, and lets hope 2009.05 can make us dump
all the previous ones.


Best regards,
Hans-Christian Egtvedt

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