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Mon Aug 3 19:21:33 UTC 2009


--- Comment #9 from Gustavo Zacarias <gustavo at zacarias.com.ar>  2009-08-03 19:21:33 UTC ---
There's one broken bit:
The old package set the different DNSMASQ_COPTS according to IPV6, LARGEFILE
and TFTP settings and then passed a make COPTS="$(DNSMASQ_COPTS)" parameter
when building.
You are setting DNSMASQ_MAKE_OPT which doesn't fill up those values into the
COPTS parameter for make. So if one of them is true then make gets passed
-DWHATEVER which makes it fail.

Then there's the redundant bits:
DNSMASQ_AUTORECONF = NO -> it's default no, so no need to say that again
DNSMASQ_INSTALL_TARGET = YES -> again, it's default
DNSMASQ_INSTALL_TARGET_OPT .. -> you're using the same
DNSMASQ_DEPENDENCIES = uclibc -> default too

And the "why" thing:
As far as i know dnsmasq doesn't provide any library so it doesn't get linked
It doesn't install any header required by some other package either.

It's up to version 2.49, you could bump to the new one while doing this.

dnsmasq doesn't have a proper uninstall, you could write one that does this
into dnsmasq.mk
dnsmasq-2.49 introduced an option to disable the dhcp server thus a new option
if you want to do something more.

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