[Buildroot] Building Linux system - Beginner Q2

Raed Abu-Sanad raedbenz at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 3 19:36:00 UTC 2009

> 1. Building Linux system - Beginner (Raed Abu-Sanad)
> 2. Re: Building Linux system - Beginner (Lars Lockenvitz)

> Hi,
> normally all your downloads are in dl directory.
> And you can configure your kernel with "make linux26-menuconfig"
> Try a "make help" and you see witch other options you have with make!
> Regards
> Raed Abu-Sanad schrieb:
>> Hi,,
>> I read the documentation of buildroot. and i manged to configure and
>> build the filesystem using "make menuconfig" and "make" after
>> extracting the downloaded file. I noticed in the begginning it was
>> downloading the kernel 2.6.30..
>> My wquestion is: where it has been downloaded and how can i
>> configure/compile the kernel? or it is already done?
>> Thanks

I found in the dl the kernel package. Do i have to extract it and "make linux26-menuconfig" and then "make" ??
I am asking this because oi found an extracted kernel inside toolchain_build_i686 directory.

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