[Buildroot] Yaboot doesn't build

Daniele Salvatore Albano d.albano at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 17:59:03 UTC 2009

Actually, ext2fs doesn't copy headers to staging dir so yaboot,
probably, can't find the necessary header.

If you are missing a .h file you can try to apply this patch

that add support to export e2fsprogs headers to staging dir

Otherwise, if ld reports about missing lext2fs try to add
$(TARGET_LDFLAGS) to the make file of yaboot and/or add related paths

2009/8/10 Steve Bennett <sablists at earthlink.net>:
> Hi all!
> Am trying to build a PowerPC boot CD with buildroot, and YABOOT doesn't seem
> to build in the latest buildroot.  I get the following error:
> lib/strstr.c: In function 'strstr':
> lib/strstr.c:79: error: label at end of compound statement
> After some research, I discovered that problem had been corrected quite a
> long time ago in the next version (1.3.14 - the current stable version) of
> YABOOT.   There appear to be a number of other important changes and fixes
> in 1.3.14, so I went into the package folder and changed the make file to
> pull in version 1.3.14 instead.
> This time, it compiled, but then couldn't link because 1.3.14 no longer
> builds it's own personal copy of libext2fs - it's expecting to link to it
> from the local system.   (link parameter is -lext2fs)   This library is part
> of the e2fsprogs package, so I tried adding that, but it's added to the
> target, not to the toolchain, and it appears yaboot is looking for it in the
> toolchain, so that continues to fail.  I'm not exactly sure how to add it to
> the toolchain -- it doesn't appear to be quite as straightforward as adding
> a package to the target.
> Is that the right approach here, or am I missing something?   Anyone care to
> nudge me in the right direction as to how to accomplish this?
> Thanks,
> -->Steve Bennett
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