[Buildroot] Explicit dependencies on uclibc in makefiles

Will Newton will.newton at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 14:19:48 UTC 2009

2009/8/13 Thiago A. Corrêa <thiago.correa at gmail.com>:
> Hi Will,
>   The dependencies in Makefiles are what make uses to figure out the
> build order. All but the most trivial programs will require the libc,
> thus the uclibc dependency.
>   In your packages, you could just depend on the libraries you
> require, as those will likely depend on uclibc.
>   Without the proper dependencies, the build order in one case or
> another could be switched and when your package is compiled, the
> dependencies are not yet available.

Sorry, perhaps I didn't explain myself very well. My point was - can
we guarantee that uclibc has already been built by the time we are
builidng a package? If so the explicit dependency is not needed. Many
packages already do not depend on uclibc so I suspect that we can drop
any explicit dependency on uclibc.

An example:

# grep uclibc package/grep/grep.mk
# grep uclibc package/bash/bash.mk
bash: ncurses uclibc busybox $(TARGET_DIR)/$(BASH_TARGET_BINARY)
bash: ncurses uclibc $(TARGET_DIR)/$(BASH_TARGET_BINARY)

Why does bash depend on uclibc but grep doesn't? Does grep have a bug
or can we remove the unneeded dependency from bash?

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