[Buildroot] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

H Hartley Sweeten hartleys at visionengravers.com
Sat Aug 22 22:53:34 UTC 2009

On Saturday, August 22, 2009 1:55 AM, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
>> I'll pull those patches tomorrow and see how they compare to what I've
>> got so far.
> If you've already pulled something, please discard. I've rebased this
> branch with new fixes (see below).

Got a late start so I haven't pulled anything.

>> I saw that also.  The -print-sysroot does give you the location of the
>> correct libraries that need to be copied to the target but not all the
>> stuff that's needed for the build.  Those files are available at the
>> patch returned by the --with-sysroot config option.  But, the
>> libraries are not correct for the multilib.  It appears that if you
>> don't pass the --sysroot $(STAGING_DIR)/ option the -march= option
>> will correctly setup the library and file locations.  But with the
>> --sysroot ... option it doesn't.  it appears to be assuming that
>> "you" have correctly setup all the paths.
>> Getting the correct files into the $(TARGET_DIR) doesn't seem to be a
>> problem.  The issue is with $(STAGING_DIR).  Maybe it would be better
>> not to copy the files and just let the compiler work it out based on
>> the -march= option?
> Unfortunately, this is the approach we tried at the beginning of
> external toolchain support, but that didn't work for various reasons
> that I can't remember.

OK. Scratch that idea..

> I've updated the fix on external toolchain support, with two
> improvements:
> 1. We now don't pass -march= when doing CROSS-gcc -print-sysroot. The
>    effect with the Codesourcery toolchain is that it returns the
>    default, main sysroot, that includes everything necessary regardless
>    of the selected architecture (armv4t, thumb2, etc.).
> 2. If -print-sysroot doesn't return anything, we fallback to the old
>    way.
> With this fix I'm able to build a simple system with ncurses and sed
> (just some random packages), both with the Codesoucery toolchain and a
> Crosstool-NG toolchain.
> Would you mind testing this new fix, and see if it works for you ?

No link?  Where can I get the fix to test?


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