[Buildroot] /var/lock/subsys/nfslock: No such file or directory

Daniel Bristot de Oliveira daniel at bristot.eti.br
Mon Jul 6 00:31:14 UTC 2009


I build the buildroot 2009.05 with the package "nfs-utils", and when the 
system boot, the init script show me "No such file or directory" to 
create the lock file.

Starting network management services: snmpd.
Starting NFS statd: touch: /var/lock/subsys/nfslock: No such file or 
Starting NFS services: done
Starting NFS daemon: done
Starting NFS mountd: Cannot register service: RPC: Unable to receive; 
errno = Connection refused
touch: /var/lock/subsys/nfs: No such file or directory

To workaround I create the directory: /var/lock/subsys/ on $(TARGET_DIR).

Best regards
Daniel Bristot de Oliveira

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