[Buildroot] Set LIBS variabile using new package format

Daniele Salvatore Albano d.albano at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 07:51:15 UTC 2009


i'm writing some packages for buildroot, i need them for my little
project. Currently i added packages for clamav, with support for
clamd/clamdscan/freshclam, havp, dansguardiand and tinyproxy. For last
two i used the new package format, looking other packages.

However i've a problem: there is a little bug in the tinyproxy
configure so libintl.h is being reknown but -lintl isin't added to
libraries to link and it fails to link so i need to add it. I've tried
setting up LIBS variable, PACKAGENAME_LIBS variable and more but
nothing to do, it doesn't work. I looked for other packages too but

There is a way to set change LIBS or CFLAGS variables? Or is better to
do a little patch to apply to configure.ac and use
PACKAGENAME_AUTORECONF to force to rebuild autoconf?

There are docs about this new format?

Best Regards,

Daniele Salvatore Albano
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