[Buildroot] issue with gcc 4.4.0 & sqllite & U-boot

Sagaert Johan sagaert.johan at skynet.be
Mon Jun 8 12:38:17 UTC 2009

When building with the GCC 4.4.0 toolchain i noticed that sqllite no longer
When executing mysql i got :
Can't modify /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6's text section. Use GCC option -fPIC
for shared objects, please.
I  already have enabled PIC in building uclibc but it still has not solved
Is there another place in buildroot where i could change something ?
The second issue is that u-boot no longer builds with GCC 4.4.0
the weak attribute yields an error when used with inline. 
void inline show_boot_progress (int val) __attribute__((weak,
should become
void show_boot_progress (int val) __attribute__((weak,
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