[Buildroot] make problem: complain about ../../src/memory.c

jing han jing_han_66 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 10 15:35:01 UTC 2009

Hi All,

I downloaded the latest buildroot release buildroot-2009.05.tar.gz , try to install to my linux Fedora Core 5 system (linux 2.6.15).

I did make configmenu, then I did make, but make broke at:

../../src/memory.c: In function '__mp_memquery':
../../src/memory.c:769: error: lvalue required as left operand of assignment
make[1]: *** [memory.o] Error 1

Then I browsed buildroot mailing list, and found on July 2007, there was a report about x86 packages
report this problem and other problems.  And I encounter this  problem when I use the  newest buildroot release.

Can you let me know how to get aroud it? And can you provide me a patch to fix this?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot.

Best Regards

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