[Buildroot] uClibc locale support

Will Newton will.newton at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 10:53:43 UTC 2009

Hi all,

The selection of locale support in the buildroot toolchain menu seems
a little confused. The top-level option is:

Enable locale/gettext/i18n support? BR2_ENABLE_LOCALE

Which will actually enable locale support in uClibc. There's also an
independent option to enable wide character support:

Enable WCHAR support BR2_USE_WCHAR

But the uClibc config selects UCLIBC_HAS_WCHAR if UCLIBC_HAS_LOCALE.is
selected, so surely this option should not be independent?

Also the "Purge unwanted locales" option is dependent on
BR2_ENABLE_LOCALE but would, I believe, be useful with a non-uClibc
locale setup using e.g. iconv.

I'm also not sure why gettext is mention in the menu entry?

The attached patch attempts to fix these issues. Any comments would be
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