[Buildroot] Problems compiling microperl

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Fri Jun 26 04:22:08 UTC 2009

Neil Cherry wrote:
> I've gotten most of buildroot to compile. I'm having problems
> with microperl. The first first error I get is (trimmed):
> x2p/makefile: No such file or directory
> So I manually create the Makefile (Makefile.SH, then copy it to
> makefile). It wil then continue to compile but fail with:
> ext/IPC/SysV/SysV.c: No such file or directory
> Any ideas?

I went into the ext/IPC/SysV/ directory, did a perl Makefile.PL
then a make SysV.c, returned to the main directory and simply
typed make. It worked now (???) not sure why this is different
than previous attempts (I did do a make clean in the Perl directory).

Anyway it's now kind of working. I need to figure out what file
to modify to add the extra commands.

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