[Buildroot] Sending Patches, Updates Etc.

Gustavo Zacarias gustavo at zacarias.com.ar
Tue Mar 3 17:57:26 UTC 2009

Darcy Watkins wrote:

> Hello,
> Someone please advise me regarding the preferred approach, guidelines,
> etc. to submitting changes, updates, etc.  Many months back, I submitted
> a patch to mkcramfs and it never made it in.  I'd like to resubmit it
> and other changes for consideration.  Also, I have modified the
> menuconfig/config utility so that the "source" command's filespec uses
> 'glob' to handle wildcards, e.g. like...
>   source "package/*/Config.in"
> ...and I have a few other ideas, I'd like to discuss in relation to
> this.  
> Do I need to open a bug report first, then submit a patch?
> Has anyone considered setting up a patchwork web for buildroot, uclibc
> and busybox projects?
> Regards,
> Darcy

https://bugs.busybox.net has the new tracker, i submit patches there
under the "buildroot" product. Some made it in, some are pending (dev
time, interest, my patches being cleaner, ...)

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