[Buildroot] svn commit: trunk/buildroot/package: fuse lzma netkitbase qtopia4

Hans-Christian Egtvedt hans-christian.egtvedt at atmel.com
Thu Mar 5 15:00:50 UTC 2009

Peter Korsgaard wrote:
>>>>>> "Hans-Christian" == Hans-Christian Egtvedt <hans-christian.egtvedt at atmel.com> writes:
>  Hans-Christian> jacmet at uclibc.org wrote:
>  Hans-Christian> <snipp>
>  >> -comment "qtopia4 requires a toolchain with C++ support enabled"
>  >> -	depends on !BR2_INSTALL_LIBSTDCPP
>  >> +comment "qtopia4 requires a toolchain with C++ and NPTL support enabled"
>  >> 
>  Hans-Christian> No, it does not require NPTL. Qtopia builds fine on
>  Hans-Christian> AVR32 which does not support NPTL. I think you might
>  Hans-Christian> run into problems with webkit, so enabling webkit
>  Hans-Christian> might depend on BR2_PTHREADS_NATIVE.
> So how did that work with the select BR2_PTHREADS_NATIVE?

Probably because I did not compile qtopia4 from mainstream trunk after 
that select was introduced.

Best regards,
Hans-Christian Egtvedt

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