[Buildroot] Question about Buildroot concepts and strategies

Maxim Grigoriev maxim at tensilica.com
Fri Mar 6 19:45:40 UTC 2009

Hello Peter and BUILDROOT maintainers,

I understand you are busy individuals, and I'm sorry
for bothering you. An excuse could be I'm trying to
understand what BUILDROOT project is all about. Is it
similar to other open source projects or somewhat different ?

Are BUILDROOT maintainers interested in adding new
architectures to the project ?

On March 3d, I tried to start submitting Xtensa BUILDROOT :


follow-ups :


Tensilica is eager to become a part of BUILDROOT.
We made a commitment to support Xtensa BUILDROOT
and try to do our best to improve generic BUILDROOT.

Does BUILDROOT project has a concept of architecture
maintainers ? I mean developers with write-access,
who can check in architecture-specific updates without
approval and commit generic updates after approval from
main maintainers.

-- Maxim

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