[Buildroot] automated build of cross toolchains

Hichem Boussetta boussettahichem at yahoo.fr
Wed Mar 11 09:26:30 UTC 2009


I am a newbie to buildroot, and I would like to know if it is possible 
to make the configuration process of buildroot automated.
I mean that, for example, if I wanted to build, in a batch mode, several 
cross toolchains for some specific architecturse that I would have 
defined beforehand, how should I proceed.
In fact, I thought about making a script that runs many times the "make 
config" command and that supplies the adequate configuration, but I 
don't think this is the best solution.
Is there any other solution like generating a default config by running 
"make config" and somehow modifying the .config file each time it is 
necessary in the script ?

If anyone got a solution, thanks for replying.


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