[Buildroot] Tool building problem EABI+PXA270

Per-Henrik Lundblom ph at whatever.nu
Tue Mar 24 13:53:02 UTC 2009

* Daniel Mack <daniel at caiaq.de> [090324 14:29]:
> Please have a look at this thread:
>   http://lists.arm.linux.org.uk/lurker/message/20090123.185306.b2c4bb05.en.html
> Conclusion is: do not build your kernel using a compiler that generates
> iwmmxt code. As these extensions can't be used from both the kernel and
> userspace at the same time, it is reserved for user's binaries and hence
> forbidden in the kernel.

That makes sense... Shouldn't buildroot automagically just solve this
for me? ;)

In build_arm/staging_dir/usr/bin I only have arm-linux-uclibcgnueabi-*
gcc tools. I guess those is not the right ones to build the kernel then?


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