[Buildroot] Buildroot and Thread Support for Toolchain: sysdep-cancel.h error

daniele_dll d.albano at gmail.com
Sat May 9 14:56:01 UTC 2009

Hi to all,

i follow this mailing list from some time because i've tried in my
spare time to build a little x86 system for a old pentium 200mhz
without success. However, in these days, i got this stuff back because
i need to build a ppc405 base system for a university project.

After some errors and some googling i managed to build a root system
without threads and disabling libgomp and libssp on gcc and, actually,
without development tools on target too. Would be great have threads
(nptl or old linuxthreads) enabled because i can use them for my
project instead of fork in the code!

I'm actually using buildroot 2009.05-rc1, but i got the same problem
before with 2009.02, on a Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 32bit. I get the error
simply setting up basilar parameters like architecture and cpu and
enabling thread support and leaving all the stuff on default values.
While it compile libpthread -> uclibc it print out the error message
saying that it can't found sysdep-cancel.h requested by

Has someone a solution to this problem? I tried to comment out, just
for a test, but without success because it is requested in another

Thanks for the support and for this great project!

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