[Buildroot] GCC-4.3.3 in toolchain fails to compile

Paul Archer ptarcher at gmail.com
Thu May 28 06:14:48 UTC 2009

Hey Peter,

Thanks for the reply

Peter> You have:
Peter> BR2_ARM_EABI=y
Peter> BR2_GNU_TARGET_SUFFIX="linux-uclibc"
Peter> Which doesn't make sense. The correct target suffix for eabi is
Peter> "linux-uclibcgnueabi". With that change the toolchain builds.
Making this change let me build the toolchain, and by using the
snapshot-20090522 I was able to build and boot. Thank you for the

Peter> How did you get to that config? Is is based on any defconfig in
Peter> buildroot?
It was a mixture of the def config in the buildroot along with some
changes from linux4sam.com at
Finally I tried to remove most things.

Peter> and that there's no at91sam9g20ek support in
Peter> u-boot (well, there is now in u-boot git after the 2009.03 release,
Peter> but not in any released versions)
With regards to u-boot, I have u-boot working brilliantly with
u-boot-2009.06-rc1, however I was having trouble with the u-boot tools
for reading the enviroment from linux. I had trouble building this run
on the target, I constantly got can't find file
'/usr/bin/fw_printenv', but thats another story.

Thanks for your help peter.

Paul Archer
ptarcher at gmail.com

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