[Buildroot] mpfr-2.4.1.patch not found

Emmanuel Riou riou.emmanuel at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 24 14:40:39 UTC 2009

Peter Korsgaard wrote:
>>>>>> "Austin" == Austin Foxley <austinf at cetoncorp.com> writes:
>  Austin> On 09/23/2009 11:12 PM, Ormund Williams wrote:
>  >> /bin/sh: ./../dl/mpfr-2.4.1.patch: No such file or directory
>  >> make: *** [.../buildroot/output/toolchain/mpfr-2.4.1/.unpacked] Error 1
>  >> 
>  >> Where is this patch suppose to come from?
>  Austin> http://www.mpfr.org/mpfr-2.4.1/mpfr-2.4.1.patch I would think, but that gives me
>  Austin> a 404 currently.
> http://www.mpfr.org/mpfr-2.4.1/patches to be exact, but we rename that
> unlucky filename to mpfr-2.4.1.patch after downloading (see mpfr.mk).
> It's on the mirror as well:
> http://buildroot.net/downloads/sources/mpfr-2.4.1.patch
I have just experienced the problem. It looks like this is a relative 
path issue actually:
When you look at mpfr.mk the patch command is the following:
( cd $(MPFR_DIR); patch -p1 -N -Z < $(MPFR_PATCH_SOURCE); )
with MPFR_PATCH_SOURCE:=$(DL_DIR)/$(MPFR_PATCH_FILE) which is replaced 
in my case by ./dl/mpfr-2.4.1.patch where it should be an absolute path.


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