[Buildroot] [PATCH v2] Fix download directory in default configs

Michael Roth mroth at nessie.de
Wed Sep 30 08:37:47 UTC 2009

Am Friday 25 September 2009 16:23:54 schrieb Michael Roth:
> Commit a07d6b9d56955bfe0165b5f4ea6d3ed7a92ecff6 changed the meaning
> of $(BASE_DIR). Previously it was the top level buildroot directory,
> now it is the 'output' directory.
> As an side effect, the download directory 'dl' was moved to 'output/dl'.
> In commit 416323e93442646e344a4e914776520c5e552fa0 the default download
> directory was moved back to the top level of buildroot.
> So the various default configurations should reflect this. Fix them.


IMHO this should be applied to buildroot or I'm missing something?

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