[Buildroot] ldconfig errors

Paul Jones paul at pauljones.id.au
Tue Aug 17 09:36:47 UTC 2010



I seem to have run into the ldconfig error while using a crosstool-ng
external toolchain (uclibc based). I remember this being discussed a while
back but can't seem to find a solution, short of using an internal

This is the error:

if [ -x
abi-ldconfig" ]; \

        then \

bi-ldconfig -r /media/dev/buildroot-arm/output/target 2>/dev/null; \

        else \

                /sbin/ldconfig -r /media/dev/buildroot-arm/output/target
2>/dev/null; \


make: *** [target-finalize] Error 1


I can't use the host version unless I run as root. This is on a Gentoo
x86_64 host with ARM target.

Any suggestions?




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