[Buildroot] Stuff for the next release (2010.11)

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Sat Aug 21 17:36:33 UTC 2010

>  * Updated the package/config to 2.6.36-rc1. I'll update it to the
>    final 2.6.36 when it's available.
>    To do so, I've cleaned up the update process for package/config.
>    Instead of a single big kconfig-to-buildroot2.patch (which nobody
>    was keeping up-to-date anyway), I've created a Quilt stack of
>    patches. It allowed to ease the transition from 2.6.30 to 2.6.36-rc1.

For the record we are working on making the integration
easier for non-kernel projects utilizing kconfig.

In headlines that is:
- Make CONFIG_ prefix configurable at buildtime
  Basically adding -DCONFIG_=BR2_ will do the trick

- Use mainmenu entry as headline in the frontends

- Drop "kernel" from all help texts
  So there is no longer any "kernel" texts hardcoded

I guess a few other nits I forgot.

I hope this is merged in next merge window - but no promises.

The objective is that external users like buildroot no
longer need to carry any patched to use kconfig.
We will _not_ meet this objective at next merge window,
but I hope we will be rather close.


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