[Buildroot] compile qt application in buildroot

Paul Jones paul at pauljones.id.au
Thu Aug 26 11:45:56 UTC 2010

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> Hi,
> I have successfully compile qt-embedded-4.6.2 in buildroot and I'm trying
> compile my custom qt application manually what is not easy.
> I have an idea to integrate compilation to buildroot but not sure if this
> work (calling qmake ...).
> It is possible to do it in that way or is there any example available how
> cross compile custom application using buildroot which use qt-embedded?

To do it manually change to your program directory and run
That will create a Makefile with all the cross-compile details, then just
run make.
You could also create a package to do this automatically.

Speaking of that, does anyone know a way to copy program source to package
build rather than putting it into a tarball/git?


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