[Buildroot] Ncurses and --disable-static

Ian reg-ian.ridley-buildroot at hydrix.com
Mon Aug 30 06:23:37 UTC 2010

  A little question for anyone out there:

The makefile for ncurses contains the following:

    NCURSES_CONF_OPT += --disable-static

but BR2_PACKAGE_NCURSES_TARGET_HEADERS is no longer defined in the 
ncurses' Config.in, this was removed in a change to using 
BR2_HAVE_DEVFILES to decide to install headers in the target (see commit 
58508f3 by Peter Korsgaard).

Now as a result of this ncurses is now always configured with 
--disable-static, even when BR2_HAVE_DEVFILES is set to "y".

So my question is should "--disable-stable" be added to NCURSES_CONF_OPT:

   1. always,
   2. never, or
   3. when BR2_HAVE_DEVFILES is "y" (instead of using


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