[Buildroot] Getting package sources from git/svn/bzr

Quotient Remainder quotientvremainder at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 11:51:16 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-07-01 at 09:43 +0200, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Jun 2010 10:44:08 +0200
> "Luca Ceresoli" <luca at lucaceresoli.net> wrote:
> > So I'd renew the question: is git/svn/bzr repository download actually
> > working? I spent a little time in trying, but after a few dirty hacks
> > I couldn't produce anything really working.
> > 
> > Am I missing something obvious?
> No, it isn't supported as of today.
> Quotient Remainder has proposed something last month to integrate Git
> support (see
> http://lists.busybox.net/pipermail/buildroot/2010-June/034942.html). I
> unfortunately haven't had the time to carefully review his proposal,
> but I'm not sure I like the general approach.

I'll admit I'm not all that fond of my approach either but I felt I'd
try to get some detailed discussion the subject started at least.  Since
I submitted it I noticed a few errors but I have since taken a new,
though similar, approach but this is not ready for public review as yet.

This reply is both a response to some of the specific issues raised by
Thomas and some clarifications on the direction I was taking.  My needs
are currently git-centred but many concepts should apply to other VCS.

> Or just to improve the existing DOWNLOAD step so that if the URL starts
> with git://, svn:// or even something like git at http:// (for Git repos
> available through http), it knows what to do.

This is what my patch does; instead of always calling wget, DOWNLOAD is
changed to extract the protocol at the start of the URL and then call
DOWNLOAD_HTTP [for WGET) and DOWNLOAD_SSH (for GIT).  I hadn't
specifically though about git over HTTP but at a stretch we could use
something non-standard like githttp://git@site.org/... and parse out the

One problem I had is that DOWNLOAD is always evaluated by the shell (in
the makefile command context - tabbed in) so it's not straightforward to
do conditional stuff.  This could be greatly simplified if $(call
DOWNLOAD ...) was called in the makefile directive context
(non-indented).  As you can see, makefiles (and their terminology) are
not my major.  As stated previously, I wanted to be as non-invasive as
possible so did not do this myself.

> The issue I have with this is *when* to do a "git pull" or "svn
> update". With normal packages, we download the particular version of a
> particular tarball, and we uncompress it in $(BUILD_DIR)/package-X.Y.Z.
> So, if the package gets its version bumped in the .mk file, we download
> the new version package-X.Y.A, we extract it in a new directory
> $(BUILD_DIR)/package-X.Y.A, and we're done.
> ...
> If you just give the URL of a Git or SVN repo, how is this going to 
> work ? If you download the HEAD of a Git repo in a directory named
> $(BUILD_DIR)/mypackage, when should the package be redownloaded ? How 
> is the version bump going to be done ?

I wanted git to work using both the "clone" command to get a working
copy and "archive --remote" command to get a snapshot.

For most users, the snapshot feature would be used.  Since all this does
is get a tarball to the $(DL_DIR) the pull problem doesn't arise, if you
change the version then there will be no archive in $(DL_DIR) with the
new version, e.g dl/package-b78686aaadeacdda67abade29f.tgz

The clone context introduces complications though.  "make source" will
clone the repository to $(BUILD_DIR) and check out the requested
version.  The extract stage is not necessary and for my own purposes no
patches should be applied so I skip the patch stage also - others may
feel different.  My reasoning is that if you're working on source you
will not want anyone else patches to be automatically applied.

Running "make source" again should in some way recognise source
controlled packages and checkout the specified versions of each package.
By this I mean that PACKAGE_VERSION in the package makefile may have
changed since "make source" was last run.

As time passes developers may wish to get the latest updates from
upstream.  For this I feel that a new command "make source-update" or
similar would be needed.  This would be analogous to "git pull".

One of the messy parts of my approach is that there is no good way to
choose on a package-by-package level whether to get a snapshot or clone.
Any ideas on this are most welcome.

> MYPACKAGE_VERSION=902108904ad7daec88b367dd5fcd1c46e71ac3e6
> MYPACKAGE_SITE=git://foo.bar.com/projects/mypackage.git
> This way, a fixed version is choosen, so the build is reproducible. I
> would find it rather disappointing to have "random" versions being
> built by Buildroot.

For my own purposes I need to have all package versions in a single
top-level file (a bit like a partial manifest to be used in combination
with the buildroot config):
and so on.

We can support this by having a default version in the package makefile,
which can be overridden by the top-level file:
	PACKAGE1_VERSION ?= djkhsad87

The top-level file can be a "-include" in the top-level Makefile or
wherever is appropriate.

Anyway, that's a selection of my thoughts on this.  All comments - bad
and not so bad - are welcomed!

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