[Buildroot] [PATCH/RFC] Download sources from Git (and more)

Quotient Remainder quotientvremainder at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 14:43:39 UTC 2010

Ar Luan, 2010-07-12 ag 23:30 +0200, scríobh Luca Ceresoli:
> Hi,
> this patchset is a tentative generalization of the DOWNLOAD macro, as
> recently discussed in mailing-list, in order to allow BR to obtain
> package sources not only as tar files from http/ftp, but also using
> other protocols.
> I borrowed some pieces of code from Quotient Remainder's patch, but this
> approach is substiatially different.
> The feature list is short: I deliberately wanted to be minimalistic
> but set up a clean infrastructure that can be extended later.
> Even though these patches are quite polished, please consider them as
> a proposal for discussion. If there is general consensus about the way
> I propose, I'll be glad to add a bit of user documentation as well.
> In the first two patches I prepare the ground by making the download
> infrastructure more general. The DOWNLOAD function is replaced by a
> per-package $(PKG)_DOWNLOAD, whose value is computed automatically
> from the site URL but can be overridden. The good old wget system is
> modified to fit in the new framework.
> In the third and fourth commit I add DOWNLOAD_GIT, which is relatively
> straightforward given the whole infrastructure is already in place.
> The place where the repository should be cloned might not be appreciated,
> but I definitely think it should go in output/, as it is part of
> buildroot's -well- output, not of the package "recipe".
> The last patch is surely *not* meant to be committed. It's just a
> minimalistic example of a package downloaded via Git, and would be
> replaced by user docs as stated above.
> Luca

I personally quite like the approach here and think it's more flexible
than the patch set from Maxime, but have two questions.

 - Why not make the usual tarball in $(DL_DIR) with "git archive
--format=tar ... | gzip > $(DL_DIR)/..." instead of the self-described
"hack" of skipping the extraction step?  I suppose it's slightly faster
since you avoid the compression and decompression time but that mightn't
be too significant.  I just wonder if the skipping of this stage may
have some side effects especially if packages have custom extraction

 - Do you see any way of making it possible to use the clone as the
actual working copy used by buildroot?  That is, if I clone a repository
(as opposed to archive) and then want to make changes, I can edit the
source and build/test the change in-place (in output/build/package/) .
As it stands with this patch set, I think it would be necessary to make
a change in the source in $(PKG_NAME).git/, commit the change, note the
new version, change the package version in package/Makefile to the same
and make will then copy an entire snapshot to a new

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