[Buildroot] make linux26-menuconfig

Paul Jones paul at pauljones.id.au
Tue Jul 20 05:42:41 UTC 2010

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, so I thought I'd ask here.


I just spent the last 20 mins trying to figure out why make
linux26-menuconfig didn't work - it was because I was running it immediately
after make menuconfig, so /output/toolchain/bin/sed didn't yet exist.


Should there be a warning or something if someone tries to do this? It was
very confusing.


>>>   Downloading kernel

mkdir -p /media/dev/buildroot-tut/output/build/linux-custom

touch /media/dev/buildroot-tut/output/build/linux-custom/.stamp_downloaded

>>>   Extracting kernel

mkdir -p /media/dev/buildroot-tut/output/build/linux-custom

>>>   Patching kernel

>>>   Configuring kernel

cp "./configs/mini2440_kernelconfig"

/media/dev/buildroot-tut/output/toolchain/bin/sed -i -e

/bin/sh: /media/dev/buildroot-tut/output/toolchain/bin/sed: No such file or

make: ***
[/media/dev/buildroot-tut/output/build/linux-custom/.stamp_configured] Error




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