[Buildroot] no core dumps

Jörg Rebenstorf Joerg.Rebenstorf at GiN.de
Tue Aug 30 08:19:22 UTC 2011


I am using buildroot-2009.11.

I'd like to know how to enable the linux core dump feature in buildroot.
I have written a program that intentionally makes a segfault but still I
get no core dump file. Is there something special with buildroot here?
Do I need to activate a specific build option?
As you can see below I already enabled core dumps with the 'ulimit'

I would also expect the output to be:
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

GL-SH> ./simplecom -h

Usage: ./simplecom [option]
No options means all filters are disabled.
   -h, --help                      Display this information and exit.
   -v, --version                   Shows the current version and exit.
   -a, --all                       Enables all filters, see below.
   -b, --sync_bus_statistic_rx     Enables 'sync_bus_statistic_rx'
   -c, --sync_alloctable_change_rx Enables 'sync_alloctable_change_rx'
   -d, --sync_admindata_rx         Enables 'sync_admindata_rx' filter.
   -s, --sync_async_rx             Enables 'sync_async_rx' filter.
   -t, --sync_alloctable_rx        Enables 'sync_alloctable_rx' filter.
   -u, --bus_status_rx             Enables 'bus_status_rx' filter.
   -l, --sync_lock                 Enables 'sync_lock' filter.
   -o, --sync_shutdown             Enables 'sync_shutdown' filter.
   -r, --sync_ctrl_rx              Enables 'sync_ctrl_rx' filter.
   -e, --sync_eth_rx               Enables 'sync_eth_rx' filter.

Segmentation fault

GL-SH> ulimit -a
time(seconds)        unlimited
file(blocks)         unlimited
data(kb)             unlimited
stack(kb)            8192
coredump(blocks)     unlimited
memory(kb)           unlimited
locked memory(kb)    64
process              2007
nofiles              1024
vmemory(kb)          unlimited
locks                unlimited

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