[Buildroot] Adding package that builds Kernel Module (*.ko) to Buildroot environment

Aleksandar Zivkovic Aleksandar.Zivkovic at rt-rk.com
Thu Aug 4 06:30:21 UTC 2011

On request from Michael S. Zick question resend without attachment

Hi all,

I would like to add additional package to Buildroot that will build 
Linux kernel driver.
For that I need:
- dependency: build of this package mustn't be started before kernel 
source is available
- kernel source directory: currently, the best I know is: 

I started with package approach but bumped to stated dependency problem. 
Next what I tried is to edit linux/linux.mk to include my driver source 
download, extract. build and install but not so familiar with Buildroot 

Did somebody already done something similar? What is best approach? 
Examples are welcomed...


Aleksandar Zivkovic

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