[Buildroot] /run/udev missing ?

Diego Iastrubni diegoiast at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 11:59:57 UTC 2011

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 11:40 AM, Sven Neumann <s.neumann at raumfeld.com>wrote:

> Do you have a suggestion on how to use udev with a kernel that does not
> yet have this option? We are stuck with 2.6.31 on one of our platforms
> and I haven't been able to get udev working with recent buildroot on
> this platform.
This init.d file woks for me on 2.6.32. I am using tmpfs for mounting udev.

Note that for udev 173 you will also need  a patch to compile with older
toolchains (look for in in the ML or the bugzilla).
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