[Buildroot] linux kernel hangs without any error

Vasanth Ragavendran ragavendra.2007 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 02:28:12 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I am using buildroot to build the linux kernel for my amd 32 bit board. I am
using grub as the boot loader for this. After some work out I was able
install grub and use it in the board. Now the boot loader works with out any
problem. However kernel hangs without any error. I've attached this in jpg
file. the kernel version i use is What could be the reason i'm
stuck as there are no errors also posted. i also created as mentioned in
this website (under listing 4).

The initrd work well and in the attachment u can see i've executed the
'exit' command from the initrd filesystem. however the real file system
doesn't work. the files used by the initrd are the same as present in the
real file system which is generated by buildroot. And i'm using ext2
filesystem generated by buildroot and converting to ext3 because linux doesn't recognize ext2. Kindly help. Am i missing any setting in
the linux kernel config file?

Thanks and Regards
R.Vasanth Ragavendran
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