[Buildroot] Howto add "single" to busybox command line.

Alexjan Carraturo axjslack at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 17:25:51 UTC 2011

2011/8/24 Charles Krinke <charles.krinke at gmail.com>:
> I have another "howto" question, if I may. I need to be able to boot a
> MPC8321 embedded system into single user mode for maintenance
> occaisionally.
> I know that if I add "single" to the kernel command line in u-boot, I
> get a root prompt with no login, so it appears that busybox is
> processing a single-user mode request.
> But, ... I dont know how to change the kernel command line on the fly
> from a button press during boot from u-boot. The requirement is that
> pressing Ctrl-C causes single-user mode.
> So, .... is it possible to change the kernel command line in u-boot
> from a button press? All my research indicates button presses in
> u-boot just stop the bootcmd processing, but I am hoping I am missing
> a detail here.

If you use u-boot you have to have something like "bootargs" variabile
setted up. You have to add "single" (as I do usually) to this

for example from u-boot

u-boot> edit bootargs
(add signle at the end of line and hit enter)
u-boot>bootm (or what you usually use to boot, in my case a script)

Some command may change by different versions of u-boot

> An answer of the form "RTFM" is just fine, but it would be useful if
> accompanied by a URL.

Sorry, no URL's


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