[Buildroot] [Bug 2995] -fstack-protector-all causes ssh to SIGSEGV

bugzilla at busybox.net bugzilla at busybox.net
Wed Mar 2 13:51:26 UTC 2011


--- Comment #5 from Andrew Beard <abeard at wabtec.com>  ---
I seem to be having the same problem on a proprietary Geode LX board I'm
working with.  I just updated to the 2011.02 and with uclibc 0.9.31 if I enable
stack protection all ssh related executables immediately cause a segfault. 
Disabling stack protection seems to alleviate the problem.

One thing I have found is that this problem does not seem to occur with uclibc
09.32-rc2, though.  With the new release candidate I can enable or disable
stack protection without causing a problem.  At this point we're still trying
to decide if we'd rather continue with a pre-release c library or without stack

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