[Buildroot] How to add a board with Buildroot 2011.02

Desroches, Ludovic Ludovic.Desroches at atmel.com
Tue Mar 8 16:44:06 UTC 2011


I wanted to know how I can add in a proper way a new board to Buildroot following the policy introduced into the last release.

I have read the discussion between square(Thomas) :p and the documentation but I still have questions:

1) On one side I have read that target/device folder should host things such as kernel conf files or various board-specific patches and on the other side I have read into the documentation to use the board folder. So which one I have to use ?

2) What about the skeleton policy ? Before Atmel had its own skeleton. There are not so many changes from the generic skeleton. Then I think we won't need to have our own one. Moreover, if we provides many board configurations it's not a good idea to duplicate it. To avoid this, what do you suggest? I was thinking we can have a small skeleton with only files changing from the generic ones or patches; copying or patching can de bone by the post build script.

Do you plan other changes about board configuration into the next release ? I have seen the device_table.txt split.


Ludovic Desroches 

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