[Buildroot] Is PHP download link in php.mk broken?

Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 21:57:47 UTC 2011

On 2011-03-11, Peter Korsgaard <jacmet at uclibc.org> wrote:
>>>>>> "Grant" == Grant Edwards <grant.b.edwards at gmail.com> writes:
> Grant> On 2011-03-09, Grant Edwards <grant.b.edwards at gmail.com> wrote:

> >> I enabled the php package today, and it appears that the download
> >> link used by buildroot is invalid.  It's using
> >> 
> >> /home/nextgen/buildroot/downloads/php-$(PHP_VERSION).tar.bz2
> Grant> Pasted the wrong thing.  That's
> Grant> http://www.php.net/distributions/php-$(PHP_VERSION).tar.bz2
> Yeah, The php developers afaik use some magic download script to for
> load balancing / stats. The problem is that this script is broken, so
> instead of returning an error when the file isn't there it instead
> "helpfully" sends you a HTML file informing about it.

Sort of like DNS servers that "helpfully" direct you to some bogus
ad-filled website when you type in an invalid hostname.

> Now, buildroot thinks the download went fine, so it doesn't fallback
> to the sources.buildroot.net mirror and the build then later breaks
> when it tries to extract the tarball (which instead is a HTML file).
> There's not much we can do about it besides complain to the PHP devs,
> but you can download the tarball from our mirror and stick in your dl
> dir so the build works.
> http://sources.buildroot.net/php-5.2.12.tar.bz2

It turns out you can get old versions from


However, you can't get the current version from there.  But, asking
for the current version with that URL _does_ fail with a 404, so I
think that using http://museum.php.net/php5/php-$(PHP_VERSION).tar.bz2
as the primary and http://www.php.net/distributions/php-$(PHP_VERSION).tar.bz2
as the backup might work.

In any case, I did find the version I was looking for and it's working

[I really need to update my buildroot snaphost, but there are other
things that need to get done before that...]

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