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Heyendal, Carl CHeyendal at stanleyworks.com
Thu Mar 17 19:42:58 UTC 2011

Makes sense.

Another thing I have noticed that is frustrating is that a 'make clean' acts more like 'make distclean' and therefore you lose any configuration changes you have previously made. 

As a work around, can I copy the relevant .configs before the 'make clean' and add them back once the rebuild is complete (assumed that I need to delete the .stamp_compiled files as well)?

/carl h. 

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> On 03/17/11 06:53, Heyendal, Carl wrote:
> > If starting from scratch, downloading and building 2 Buildroots (one
> for the toolchain, and the other for the rest of the stuff) sounds
> reasonable. But refining the notion a bit more, if you have already
> built the entire Buildroot tree like I have done already, is it
> possible to break off the toolchain leg of the tree and move it
> somewhere else. Then of course configure the external toolchain option
> after that.
> >
> > /carl
> >
> I believe that the gcc that you have built has a few built-in paths, so
> you cannot just move the compiler stuff to another file tree.
> What you can do is the second part of my suggestion, just create
> another
> buildroot tree and point its external toolchain to the one you now have
> built. It will leave some garbage in the original tree, but disk space
> is pretty cheap. In the new tree you will have faster make clean;
> make.... cycles since the external toolchain will not be deleted.
> Regards, Steve
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