[Buildroot] [buildroot] libdrm tries to compile before cairo

bruce bushby bruce.bushby at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 11:38:09 UTC 2011

Hi Barry

I'm also new...so can't really offer anything beyond my recent experience.
Could you past your "LIBDRM_DEPENDENCIES" line?

I had some troubles adding "zeromq" until I added:
ZEROMQ_DEPENDENCIES = e2fsprogs host-pkg-config host-e2fsprogs

I suspect I don't need the "host-e2fsprogs" ..... it was only when I added
"e2fsprogs" that everything worked.

If you "de-select" libdrm and allow the build to finish and then run "make
libdrm" ... does it then compile?

My problem with zeromq complained that it couldn't find "uuid-dev" ....even
though I had selected "uuid"....turned out "e2fsprogs" provides
wondering if something similar applies to "cairo.h"

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 10:40 AM, Barry Kauler <bkauler at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, I am a first-time user of Buildroot. It has been chugging along
> nicely, but libdrm has failed to compile.
> It reports that 'cairo.h' is missing. Which it is, cairo has not yet
> been compiled in the target.
> So, using my own reasoning, I added "cairo" onto LIBDRM_DEPENDENCIES
> variable in file 'libdrm.mk'. I also deleted
> output/build/libdrm-2.4.19.
> However, running 'make' again, it tries to compile libdrm again, and fails.
> How do I make it compile cairo (and its deps) before libdrm?
> Regards,
> Barry Kauler
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