[Buildroot] proc not mouning

Wed Mar 23 19:32:55 UTC 2011

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> Hi,
> I've done something bad to my Buildroot platform, but I can't figure
out what the problem is.
> When the initramfs system switches over to the root filesystem on an
SD Card created by Buildroot,
> it can't find /dev/null, and can't mount /proc.
> When I login the /proc directory is not mounted, but I can manually
mount it however from the command
> line.
> My inittab contains a statement to mount proc as well as another
statement to do a 'mount -a'.
> I verified that fstab contains an entry for proc. I know something is
processing inittab because
> the boot scripts that inittab calls do run.

Are you mounting proc FIRST in inittab?


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