[Buildroot] Problems with pkg-config

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at uclibc.org
Sun Mar 27 19:53:08 UTC 2011

>>>>> "Allan" == Allan Nielsen <a at awn.dk> writes:

 Allan> Hey

Hi Allan,

 Allan> So, now to my question: how should I correct this problem?
 Allan> Should patch/configure xtrans to install the xtrans.pc in
 Allan> ..../sysroot/usr/lib/pkgconfig/ (this is where the other *.pc
 Allan> files are located). Should I include sysroot/usr/share/pkgconfig
 Allan> in pkg-configs search path, or something else???

The right fix is imho to make pkg-config search usr/share/pkgconfig as
well, as that's what upstream pkg-config does by default. I've fixed it
in git (6a86dd9c8e) and dropped the patch we had for xtrans to make it
use usr/lib/pkgconfig instead.

Thanks for letting me know. I wasn't aware some packages were using it
rather than the "standard" usr/lib/pkgconfig.

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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