[Buildroot] [PATCH v3] libnl: bump to version 3.0

Yegor Yefremov yegor_sub1 at visionsystems.de
Wed May 4 07:29:17 UTC 2011

>  Yegor> You're right. I tried it once again and it seems to fail only if I clean the whole buildroot and then start again. Build crashes with something like that:
>  Yegor>   CC     addr.lo
>  Yegor>   CC     attr.lo
>  Yegor>   CC     cache.lo
>  Yegor>   CC     cache_mngr.lo
>  Yegor>   CC     cache_mngt.lo
>  Yegor>   CC     data.lo
>  Yegor>   CC     error.lo
>  Yegor>   CC     handlers.lo
>  Yegor>   CC     msg.lo
>  Yegor>   CC     nl.lo
>  Yegor>   CC     object.lo
>  Yegor>   CC     socket.lo
>  Yegor>   CC     utils.lo
>  Yegor>   GEN    route/cls/ematch_syntax.c
>  Yegor>   CC     route/cls/ematch.lo
>  Yegor>   GEN    route/cls/ematch_grammar.c
>  Yegor>   GEN    route/pktloc_syntax.c
>  Yegor>   GEN    route/pktloc_grammar.c
>  Yegor>   CC     route/pktloc.lo
>  Yegor> route/pktloc.c:39:27: fatal error: pktloc_syntax.h: No such file or directory
>  Yegor> compilation terminated.
>  Yegor> cd .. && /bin/sh ./config.status lib/defs.h
>  Yegor>   CC     genl/ctrl.lo
>  Yegor> but if I run make again everything gets built like a charm. Perhaps this is caused by -j16. So no need for big hammer :-)
> Yes, sounds like a race condition

Peter, are the patches O.K. for you or is there something that must be fixed ASAP?


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